Apparently Rabbits Are Ridiculously Good At Spear-Throwing

And spear-stabbing. And martial arts too, of course. Wolfire Games is here with another installment of their calmly-narrated humanoid animal violence-themed videos, showcasing the absolutely phenomenal combat system behind Overgrowth, their upcoming PC third-person brawler.


If you'd like to play around with Overgrowth's alpha yourself, you can do so by pre-ordering the game here. $30 might sound expensive for what is, at this point, essentially a toy, but keep in mind that what you see here will be the backbone of a full-fledged (and likely very awesome) game at some point.

Overgrowth Alpha 201 changes - Wolfire Games [YouTube]

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I've resigned myself to believing this amazing looking game will never be released as a completed product. I feel like I keep seeing updates with no end point in sight, that was probably two years ago. Correct me if I'm wrong.