Illustration for article titled Its Tough Getting Your AAA PS3 Blockbuster Tested By Humans Who Arent Dudes

Women play video games. All types of video games. Even the ones where you shoot cauliflower zombies.


So it's weird that it's so hard for developers to get women to test them before they're released.

In an interview with The Escapist, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckman revealed that the company which handled focus testing for the game "wasn't planning on focus-testing female gamers - it's something we had to specifically request."

"I hope this is a relic of the past that will soon go away."

Makes you wonder, when you cast an eye over the writing and characters in other games across the AAA landscape, how many studios don't make that simple request.


Devs Had to Demand Female Focus Testers for The Last of Us [The Escapist]

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