It's Time For Star Citizen To Get Organized

A massive number of space sim fans have generated nearly $34 million in crowdfunding for Chris Roberts' Star Citizen. Now they're all just milling about, waiting for the game to be finished. Soon they'll be able to mill about in large groups, thanks to the impending launch of the game's Organization System.

Organizations are just like guilds, only in the future. Players with similar temperaments, dreams, hopes, goals, maturity levels and interest in role-playing, banding together to share their voyage into this strange new galaxy. When the Organization System launches, players will be able to formally form-up around their leaders as Corporations, PMCs, Crime Syndicates, Faith-based groups or just generic, boring Organizations (boo).


Players will be able to join Organizations by either applying or being invited. Once they're in, they'll be able to communicate via a chat tool on the Roberts Space Industries website (which can be integrated into outside applications). I imagine there'll be a lot of "I can't wait for the game to come out!" going on in those chat rooms.

Oh, and good news for the un-creative — duplicate Organization names are possible, with a ten digit alphanumeric designation identifying different groups sharing the same name. I can't wait to join The Rebel Alliance DHF842HS9!

With plenty of future updates planned for the system, including guild forms and blogs, it sounds like Star Citizen's is going to be fully-formed long before the full game is released. Good for them.

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