It's time for Comic-Con and that means it's time for lots and lots of toy reveals. Here's dozens of my favorites of the newly-revealed toys, including a Yvonne Craig action figure, and Ripley with her power loader.

There are hundreds more photos at the links below:

Shovel Knight figure via Twitter.

Wrath of Khan Hallmark ornament via Twitter.

Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel and Machine Man by Hasbro via CTR.

Ghostbusters Terror Dog via TNI.

60's TV Batgirl, Arkham Knight, and two Batmans by Mattel via TNI.

More from Mattel's DC display via Fwoosh.

Square-Enix Play-Arts Kai Batman via TAG Hobby.

Metal Gear, Gollum and Batman by Square Enix via TNI.

Lego Batman of Zur-En-Arrh via CTR.

Halo, Planet of the Apes, Terminator, and Alien figures by NECA via TNI.

Hot Toys Ripley via TAG Hobby.

Custom mini-Skeletors—check out the baby Skeletor in the middle. Via TNI.

Star Wars Hot Wheels via Rebelscum.

Star Wars Rebels figures by Hasbro via Rebelscum.

Hitchcock, Iron Giant, and TMNT by Mondo via AIC.

The Dark Knight Returns by Mezco via Fwoosh.

Vampire by The Four Horsemen via Fwoosh.

Mattel's WWE figures via Fwoosh.

Marvel Legends Radioactive Man and Ms. Marvel to be released as a set with Ultimate Captain America via Fwoosh.

Breaking Bad by Mezco via TNI.

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