Now, you can argue about if these new additions were ultimately good things for the series or ended up becoming too much and sinking later games. But here, in THUG (still fun to say), these features were new, fresh and didn’t feel too distracting. This isn’t THUG2, where Jackass members are appearing and the game feels less about skateboarding and more about “Bam Margera is being wacky!!” No, THUG is all about skateboarding and the people who skate in a way that none of the other THPS games ever truly nailed.


Fans have done a great job keeping THUG alive. Well THUG2, really. THUGPro is a total conversion mod of THUG2 that is trying to be the ultimate Tony Hawk game. It currently features levels from a wide variety of Tony Hawk skating games and even that weird Disney Skating game that used the THPS4 engine. In fact, this mod is so good that the devs behind the not-so-great THPSHD and also bad THPS5 recommended fans just play THUGPro. I agree.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 looks promising. It seems to be adding in features found in later games, like reverts, which I think is fine. And the game looks really good, even if the skaters are looking a bit old in 2020. I’m hopeful that it ends up being another fantastic THPS game, though at this point I’ve had my heart broken twice with new Tony Hawk games. (Three times if you count that crappy mobile game.)

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But what I want and what I think a lot of folks want, is a big-budget, well-made remake of THUG. The original was released almost 17 years ago. It feels like we have all waited long enough. Besides, THPS1+2 already got remade. And before that, the Dreamcast port back in the day was very good too, with improved visuals and animations.


Tony Hawk’s Underground, meanwhile, seems to have been forgotten by Activision and Tony Hawk himself. How sad. Maybe after this new remake of THPS1+2, we can show THUG some love?

Please Tony, show THUG some love.