It's Our Last Day on Earth. What are you going to play?

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Tomorrow is the Rapture, according on one Harold Camping, a minister who sounds like Vincent Price and looks like a pickle in a deep fryer. All the Christians will be spirited to heaven, while the rest of us will be left to suffer the tribulations of the coming apocalypse. Babylon Surf City, let's go!


But let's say today's your last day to game. Maybe you're going to get sluiced up into heaven when God sticks his spirit straw into the atmosphere and slurps up the dregs of his believer smoothie. Or maybe you're going to die tomorrow in the first of many torments to be visited on the earth. Either way you've got 12, maybe 18 hours to game. What's your poison?

Revisit an old favorite? That's my jam. I'd try to find those guys running an old Tribes server and get in a few games of CTF. Then maybe sneak in an hour of Yoshi's Island somewhere. We were talking about it last night and Owen said he'd rather spend his time playing a game he'd never gotten around to before. I would be afraid I'd hate something new.

An MMO would be lovely. Lots of chatting, emotes as the lava frogs rain from the sky. (IRL, I mean. That's not a spell.) Or maybe Team Fortress 2. Think of the hats! Everyone would be sharing hats.



I'm just confused by the whole Rapture thing....

So it's supposed to happen the 21st right? Well according to my list of local times around the world, as of this posting, it's BEEN the 21st for as much as 12 hours across most of the planet. Including Greece, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Kuwait, Moscow, New Dehli, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, know pretty much half the world and they haven't reported any Rapture-enings happening at all.

Is god not going to follow the standard International Date lines? Or is he just waiting for the last timezone to finally tick over. But....if he waits for the last one to tick over, then that means the FIRST ones will already be on the 22nd. They will have MISSED the Rapture! So do those people get a free pass then? How does this work?

The Bible also says that no man can predict the day or hour of his return. So what does that mean? Given a long enough timeline and about 6-7billion people, SOMEONE will predict it correctly. I mean it's like the lottery get enough people playing and someone WILL win it.

So what happens if someone predicts it. If it was predicted accurately that would make the Bible wrong. But the Bible is the PERFECT word of God, and ergo cannot be wrong. So if someone predicts the Rapture accurately, God would have to reschedule the whole thing or else he would contradict himself in his own word and be consumed in a Paradox. Like meeting yourself when you time travel.

Does this mean that if we take maybe a dozen of our Super Computers, and just have them set to do nothing but predict the End of Times for every minute of every day as fast and as far into the future as they can, that we can put the Rapture off forever?

Or is that a loophole in the bible. Because the Bible only says that no *MAN* can know the day or hour. The Bible makes no mention of a *MACHINE* predicting the future (even though the bible makes absolutely no mention or prediction of damn near any medical, technological or scientific advancement in the last 1500 years) So would that be a loophole then?

Or am I just being really silly by trying to apply Logic to Religion?

Also: I would play Dragon Age 2 since my 360 broke on the day of it's release, and I JUST got a new one. Talk about bad timing huh? :p