It's Official, Lego Is Making A Sonic The Hedgehog Set

Viv “Toastergirl” Grannell’s Lego Ideas proposal, soon to be a real box of bricks.
Viv “Toastergirl” Grannell’s Lego Ideas proposal, soon to be a real box of bricks.
Photo: The Lego Group / Viv Grannell

Early last year the Lego Ideas program began looking into the possibility of turning a fan-made Sonic Mania Green Hills Zone design into a real Lego set. This morning The Lego Group makes it official. Lego Sonic the Hedgehog is happening.


Lego Ideas is a program in which fan builders submit their creations for judging by their peers. Should a project reach 10,000 fan supporters, the Lego Ideas board considers it for production as a real Lego project. 24 year-old UK-based Sonic and Lego fan Viv Grannell submitted her Sonic Mania-inspired project in early 2019. It achieved 10,000 supporters in March of 2020. Now the final fate of the project has been decided, and it’s good news for Sonic fans. The project will go into the product development phase, where The Lego Group will work together with Sega to transform it into a boxed Lego set.

Expect a lot of changes between the original project and the production version.
Photo: The Lego Group / Viv Grannell

Sega and The Lego Group have worked together in the past. Sonic was one of the DLC characters in the Lego Dimensions video game, getting his own toy and a themed level. It was nice, but fans needed more than just a minifig.

“I’ve been invested in the world of Sonic for almost my entire life, and it’s such a perfect fit for the Lego system that I spent about a year rallying support for it to happen,” said creator Viv Grannell in the official announcement. “Having 10,000 people back my design was overwhelming enough, even with friends and family behind me, but having it be selected for further development was the most exciting secret I have ever had to keep!”

Look for the official product reveal later this year. We’re still a ways away from seeing the official Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set on store shelves, but the wait should go by fast. It’s gotta.


Grinning Rick

Ok Lego, now come on and announce that minifig scale Mario set. We all know (hope?) it’s coming. Then we can have oldschool Sonic vs Mario battles, with Lego!