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Yesterday at an anime festival in Shenzhen, China, a cosplayer showed up dressed as a female spirit. Dressed? Did I say dressed? Silly me.

The cosplayer showed up as the Chinese apparition Nu Gui, but the crowd that gathered was very real. Dressed only in a flesh colored skivvies and wearing nipple covers, the cosplayer draped herself in long-flowing hair.

Nu Gui (女鬼) is a vengeful ghost with long locks, who usually is seen in a white dress and often seduces lecherous men to kill them. Here, she's unclothed and posing for pics.

While not technically nude, police apparently took the woman away—probably for indecency.


(The media referred to this cosplay as Nu Gui; however, some readers have pointed out, perhaps this woman is cosplaying as Alma Wade from F.E.A.R.)

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