JXD S7300 HD Gamepad2. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? But the name might be the only thing I can see wrong with this new handheld system, designed entirely around the idea of playing classic old video games.

Based on Android 4.1, the JXD S7300 HD Gamepad2 comes with a range of emulators pre-installed, for retro systems like the SNES, Genesis, Neo-Geo, PlayStation and N64. Being an Android-based system, you can easily install more/others.


In terms of input, it's got two thumbsticks (proper sticks, not "sliders" or nubs), a D-pad, face buttons and shoulder triggers.

Specs wise, it runs at 1.5ghz with 1GB of RAM, has wi-fi, a USB port, five-finger multitouch, motion-sensing, front-facing camera, 1024x600 resolution and HDMI output. Perhaps most interesting, though, is the handheld's size. It's enormous. Like, Wii U controller-sized. That means you can't just slide it into your pocket, but it also means you're getting enough screen real estate to be able to see what's going on, and the control scheme is more comfortable than it would be were it phone-sized.

Various bundles have the thing priced between $165-190. Considering it's both an emulators dream and a system capable of running current, that seems like one hell of a good deal. Only question is the build quality of the thing...

The handheld's official site is below. If you work for the legal department of a major publisher like EA or Nintendo, it makes for interesting reading.

JXD S7300 [Official Site, via technabob]

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