Well, that was fast. Despite the handheld not being released yet, Electronic Arts has already canned one of its first games for the Nintendo 3DS.

My Garden was one of the first titles ever shown off for Nintendo's upcoming handheld, and also one of the first "proper" games for it we ever got our hands on.


While it had its problems, it was a launch game, and launch games almost always get a free pass because there's literally nothing else on the system to play. So either there was something fundamentally wrong with the game, or...yeah, something must have been fundamentally wrong with it. And don't tell me it was the Tanooki mascot, because he was adorable.

UPDATE - As some have pointed out, DJ Hero 2 is technically the first 3DS game to be cancelled, when it was killed off along with the rest of the Guitar Hero unit. I see that as collateral damage, though: this game was specifically killed.

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