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It's Not A Good Roller Coaster Unless It Injures A Few People

I've spent countless hours playing Theme Park, making sure the bouncy castle didn't explode, clearing up puke, and of course creating ever increasingly dangerous roller coasters in an attempt to fling my park goers off into the abyss of nothingness.


But it wasn't till RollerCoaster Tycoon did we get the chance to maximise our roller coaster danger potential.

Adventure Park seems to follow on from those old park simulation games, allowing you to build up a theme park and break all kinds of health and safety rules along the way to achieving the perfect park.


Adventure Park is available soon for PC.

Music Credit: Jason Shaw

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I used to do accident investigation reports at sea world... Only times those rides ever had injuries were people slipping which was whatever.

But the children's play area: Jesus there were so many broken bones there it was insane. It was like a Saw movie out there. Every five minutes some kid busted a collar bone or had his leg bone sticking through the skin or a giant swollen wrist, lost teeth.

Shit was crazy