It's Not A Game Developers Conference Without Capoeira

While preparing for the 2011 Game Developers Conference to kick into full gear tomorrow, our Stephen Totilo takes a moment to soak up the not-so-local flavor outside San Francisco's Moscone Center.

McWhertor, Totilo, and Crecente are all getting ready for the non-stop pace of GDC 2011, so I'm left alone in Kotaku Tower, forced to do nothing all day but write up stories and gorge myself on Chicken in a Biskit crackers and Easy Cheese, a combination that nearly makes up for the fact that I missed out on a demonstration of that wonderful Brazilian martial art / dance form known as Capoeira.


The dancers aren't bad, but they pale in comparison to my favorite Capoeira performers of all time.

Apparently there are dancing girls there as well, but being a good married man, Stephen immediately turned off the camera as soon as one got into the shot.

Stay with Kotaku all week long for more news, interviews, and dancing videos from GDC 2011.

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