It's Modern Sonic's Turn in the Sonic Generations Demo Spotlight

Classic Sonic got his chance to sell folks on Sonic Generations with his demo back in June. Tomorrow it's modern Sonic's time to shine, and he's a lean, mean, generally screwing things up in 3D machine!

Oh, and classic Sonic is coming along for the ride too.

Back in June Sega treated fans to a small classic taste of what Sonic Generations had in store. Now that the game is only a few weeks away from its November 1 release, Sega is bringing out the big guns. Both modern Sonic and classic Sonic will be playable in the demo hitting Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow and the PlayStation Network October 25, giving the hedgehog faithful a chance to tour around the iconic Green Hill level of the game.


Sega must be feeling really good about this one. It does the heart good, doesn't it? Let's hope it doesn't fall on us tomorrow.

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