It's Looks Like Final Fantasy, But with Way More Nudity and Sex

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Illusion Field claims to be the ultimate "undressing game". But this futuristic fantasy titles looks like it's taking its cues from Japanese role-playing games. Hello Final Fantasy! Hello naked people!

The game promises realistic characters and a beautiful game world, and the official site repeatedly states how this is the next gen of these types of the games.


Illusion Field is from Full Time, which is a label of Japanese adult computer game developer Illusion. Of course, Illusion is known for the Real Girlfriend games and the infamous Rapelay, which caused a Western media storm a few years back.

There certainly seems to be a role-playing game trend among ero games. This past spring, another adult game maker also released a Final Fantasy-meets-Dragon Quest-meets-screwing erotic game called Futsuno Fantasy. And Illusion also released an adult title that was inspired by Dragon Quest III.


In the above gallery, check out some of Illusion Field's in game world, not only minus characters, but also minus naked characters.

ダンシングなんとか と張り合う! [TeaTime]


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