Sketch Dailies is a website/exercise where every single day, artists from around the world - many of them top professionals - get together and contribute drawings based on a theme. Yesterday's theme was "Link".

While some took it as a chance to simply bring their favourite character to life, others got a little more creative, revealing ideas for the character that I wish Nintendo was brave enough to try out.


Some of these designs go for a radically different style for Link, some, like Austin Light's pic below see him as a Dark Souls character, others re-imagine the character himself.

What I'm posting below is just a selection of the pieces committed; you can see all of them at Sketch Dailies' site.


The images below are (from top-to-bottom) by Katie Jin, Kim Herbst, Scott Brooke, MegaMon, Marek Jarocki, Yingjue Chen, Elizabeth Turnsek, Mingjue Helen Chen (yes, it's Zelda-as-Link, not Link) and dodger.