Uncharted | DUBAI, UAE: Uncharted brought to life with miniatures. (Photo: azixero | flickr)

Fake iPhone Gas Stoves Seized in China

Apple makes a lot of different things, such as laptops, displays, and phones. It does not make gas stoves-regardless if the Apple logo and iPhone brand seem to indicate otherwise. More »


The Three Biggest Gaming Companies You've Never Heard Of!

The Big Three, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are names that almost every gamer recognizes. However, in China there are three companies that are just as big as those, and you probably have never heard of them before. More »


Mass Effect Explained with Cute Schoolgirls

As far as space operas go, Mass Effect's storyline isn't *that* hard to follow. But if you are a latecomer to the series, you might need a primer. So what better way than with Asari schoolgirls wearing sailor uniforms? More »


How One Photographer Conquered Chinese Cosplay

A few weeks ago Kotaku showed you some cosplay photos from photographer Meng JieLuan. Meng, a 29 year-old web editor, has been snapping off pictures of Chinese cosplayers over the last 5 years. More »


The Dog from the Oscars Also Works for Nintendo

This month is Responsible Pet Owners Month. And to mark it, Nintendo hired Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier from The Artist, as its official spokesdog. More »


The Anatomy of Amazing LEGO Pokémon

LEGO builder Mike Nieves has put together these two awesome Pokémon models, one showing Gyarados ready to bite someone's face off, the other a Magikarp stripped bare to the bones. More »


FIFA Football Vita: The Kotaku Review

I'm still a little shocked. I mean, I love my football and I generally love my FIFA, but if you'd told me two months ago that the single best game available at the Vita's launch would be this, a handheld port of a game that's just in time for the end of the European season, I'd have slapped you in... More »


The Very Best In Cosplay: Beethy

Our running focus on the very best in cosplay is not, as some may have noticed, just looking at models/costume builders. We've also been looking at the people behind the camera, like LJinto and Eric Ng.
Or, in today's case, Australian photographer Benjamin "Beethy" Koelewijn.
Beethy has most... More »


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