Hey, it's a cool-looking Ouya game! This is Towerfall, a multiplayer fighting game inspired by the likes of Smash Bros. and Bushido Blade. It'll be out for Ouya on June 25.

Towerfall is developed by Matt Thorson, an indie designer responsible for tons of games including Jumper, a personal favorite (and the inspiration behind 2010's indie hit Super Meat Boy).

Thorson tells me he hopes to bring the game to PC, but for now it's an Ouya exclusive. ("I'd love to do PC, but it's important to me to get it somewhere on a TV with controllers first and then I'll go from there," Thorson says.)

So if you plan on getting an Ouya, this seems like a game to check out, especially if you enjoy drunken multiplayer bow-and-arrow sessions.