I always figured practicing safe sex in 8-bit was as easy as defeating Condom Man and stealing his powers. Not so says the Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership. There's also jumping involved.


And let's not forget avoiding those dreaded sexually transmitted infections. That's why I always hop three times before having sex and always, without exception, use a condom larger than my body with a heart stamped on it. Just remember my simple rule: If it's not worth super-jumping across a bottomless pit, it's not worth doing.

This cute little public service video from the Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership in England aims at educating young adults with both barrels, sex and video games. It manages to convey a message using generic video game characters, saving us from having to think about Mega Man or Mario having sex any more than we already do.


That message is stay safe and have fun. If you aren't doing one or both of those things you should probably stop.

Thanks to Steven for passing along the video!

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