It's Like Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online Are Having a Baby

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A wild, futuristic frontier, waiting to be tamed by an eager community. That's The Repopulation in a nutshell.


To be more specific, what The Repopulation wants to do is combine the social and skill-building aspects of the original Star Wars Galaxies with Ultima Online's version of the harsh, unforgiving, player-controlled sandbox—but without forcing anything on the player. Peaceful crafting? You can do that. Dungeon raids? Sure. Exploring the planet, maybe plopping down a colony or two in the process? You bet.

As you can see, this MMORPG will be putting a lot of emphasis on player choice—something you can also tell by looking at the almost-humorously long planned features list. I can't help but wonder if the developers are in over their head, even with the alpha footage looking as good as it does.

In any case, you can learn more over at the page for The Repopulation's Kickstarter campaign. This campaign follows another (successful) campaign from last year, and judging by the current numbers, it looks like they might just make it again.

The Repopulation [Steam Greenlight]

The Repopulation [Kickstarter]

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Sounds interesting and ambitious, though so was Galaxies when it released.

Anyone remember the pre-combat overhaul? the whole "no classes" deal where you created your own set of skills rather than followed a set path?

Or how down right aggravating it was to get a mission that put you in the middle of a player city unable to complete it due to buildings being where the target was supposed to be...

ugh.. TBH play cities in MMO's is a BAD idea IMO. I kind of like everquest 2's method of private zones for things, but the whole "Build in the main world" deal is just.. bad..

For one old or unused buildings need to be demolished, and of course that messes with on/off players. Existing buildings for players take over the main world, leaving less and less to actually work with as the game becomes a sprawling metropolis in any inhabitable area. Among a load of other problems it causes for the general populace.

TBH I'd rather see more games like Minecraft. Private servers where players can join friends and allow guests in to all take part.

But being limited to hosted servers and under the auspices of the P2W (yeah.. F2P my arse.. this one wreaks of WarZ P2W style).... ugh...