It's Like Pictionary, But With a Crappy Artist

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I love art—adore it. Yet, I'm not very good at drawing. I wish I was better, and my lack of illustration talent is probably why I enjoy appreciating the work of others that much more.


So going into today's Gaming App of the Day, I could immediately identify with the game's main character. That's right, I could identify with a toothed whale.

Sharpy the Narwhal is the star of Badly Drawn Faces, an app in which you try to guess what the hell Sharpy is drawing. He tends to draw celebrities and famous historical figures. Nobody, too, hard mind you—tough, Sharpy is such a bad artist it's sometimes hard to figure out whom he's trying to portray.

The way Badly Drawn Faces works is that a face is drawn on a page of paper, and you try to guess whom the drawing depicts. You guess by typing in the name of the person you are guessing (the game seems smart about detecting common typos, too).

If you cannot figure out the drawing—and sometimes I could not—you can give Sharpy some fish. And then, you'll get a hint that will helpfully help you along. Or you can just pass and skip to the next one! As you guess the correct face, you get fish—fish you can use to feed him.

This is a really charming game that's a lot of fun. I love how the mechanic is that you sometimes have to deal with Sharpy's not-so-great drawings.

Badly Drawn Faces is free, but you can buy extra fish in-game. I didn't really need to and didn't mind watching the short in-game ads, either. And, as an art lover, I didn't mind Sharpy's shoddy drawings, either. In fact, they kept me coming back to Badly Drawn Faces over and over again.


Badly Drawn Faces—Free [iTunes]


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Nobody, too, hard mind you—tough

Wha? Was this supposed to be "nobody too hard, mind you, though..."?