Today's gaming highlights: A brand-new way to trap your enemies in Dark Souls 2, some fantastic sniping in Titanfall, and more!

That's right, Highlight Reel is now in video form! If you're new to Highlight Reel, it's the place to find the latest great moments from all over the world of gaming. Check out the video above and remember to visit the original videos below.

  1. Titanfall - 7 Bullets 7 Kills - MrPureSavagery
  2. Dark Souls 2 - Trapping Your Very Own Invader - Pielord72
  3. LEGO Racers any% speedrun 39:54 [WR] - RabidJellyfish
  4. Code A Group B Match 2 Set 1, 2014 GSL Season 3 - GOM eXP official

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