It's Like Dungeon Keeper, But Uglier

Okay, I have mixed feelings about A Game of Dwarves, a new strategy-sim game that the folks at Paradox will release on Steam next week.

On one hand, it looks like a lot of fun! You run a dungeon full of dwarves, sending them off to train and defend and research and mine and do all sorts of other Dungeon Keeper-esque activities. That old sim still ranks among my all-time favorites, so it's nice to see a spiritual successor in A Game of Dwarves, especially if it's as complex as advertised.

On the other hand... don't these guys just seem so... janky? The animation is just so stiff. And their faces skeeve me out.


What do you think? Can you still enjoy a game even if it's hard to look at? Post thoughts/examples (and pictures!) below.

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I'll just leave this here...