"You are a hunter, and your primary source of food is dinosaur meat." Sounds simple, right?

The Stomping Land is a survival game where you hunt dinosaurs—which, on its own is cool enough, but the kicker is that you get to play this game with friends (if not enemies). Yes, it's multiplayer.

While hunting small dinosaurs doesn't look difficult, fresh meat attracts larger dinosaurs (like maybe a T-Rex)—which means you have to get creative in how you hunt. This is where things start to get fun.

You can salvage resources, build traps, and use tools and abilities that allow you to survive a little longer. Different dinosaurs behave differently, and players must learn how to best hunt or use them to their advantage. Since it's multiplayer, you can use other people to create elaborate traps and strategies that require cooperation—so it seems as if forming tribes is recommended.


Ah, but here's the thing. Players can store meat, which ensures survival, but also lessens the number of huntable dinosaurs on the map. That's a problem for other tribes, and this is where the comparison to DayZ comes in. The potential for delicious tension and conflict between players is high here.

Currently, the footage above is the game at a prototype stage. You can vote for The Stomping Land on Steam Greenlight here, if not donate to the Kickstarter here. The developers—who have worked on games like Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders—are hoping to raise $20,000.


Here are some more screenshots.