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It's Like Bomberman, Only With Sombreros

Chinese studio Balanced Worlds, headed by some ex-Insomniac developers, is working on a game called Bomb Buddies. If you like Bomberman, it's aimed right at your face.


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That doesn't look just "Like" Bomberman, but so much as "IS" Bomberman.

The game play mechanics are more or less identical, similar looking power ups and effects, what appear to be customizable characters, and just everything about this screams BOMBERMAN.

So what I want to know is whether some of the original Bomberman devs are working on this, or whether it's just a complete BomberMan clone? Even though Hudson Soft has been absorbed into Konami (who hasn't been doing too well either), I'd like to know if they plan to do something about it, or whether that since Balanced Worlds is based out of China, they can get away with it Scott Free?

Or, is it "Different Enough" that Bomb Buddies is safe?