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So. Thanks to a whole lot of unfortunate timing, I haven't been able to put together Random Encounters for the past few weeks.


Next week we'll be back for real. This week, I've got two requests for you:

1) Send me some questions! Shoot an e-mail to with the subject "Random Encounters." The best questions will be featured in an upcoming mailbag. Make them interesting. Boring questions like "What's your favorite JRPG?" will probably not be featured. More intriguing questions like "Would you rather be burnt alive by Firaga or have Zell as a roommate for the rest of your life?" may make the cut.


2) Talk about JRPGs! Use Kinja below to talk about what you've been playing, what you're excited about, and what you enjoy most about everyone's favorite genre.

Random Encounters is a weekly column dedicated to all things JRPG. It runs every Friday at 3pm ET. You can reach the author at or follow him on Twitter at @jasonschreier.

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