This is Scarlet Briar, posing here next to her massive drill ship, currently tearing a gigantic hole in the harbor outside of one of Guild Wars 2's most important cities. Somebody should probably put a stop to that.

This is it, Guild Wars fans. For months and months, ArenaNet's major living world storyline has kicked the living crap out of your characters. In the last installment, the city of Lion's Arch — a major player hub — was completely overrun by Scarlet Briar's forces. You all let a plant lady take over your city.

Sure, she's got giant hologram thingies...

...and scary metal monsters...


...and a never-ending credit line at Home Depot...

...but enough is enough. It's time to run towards the giant scary drill instead of away from it.


Time to take down Briar Rose's army of misfit toys.


And time to, most importantly, earn back a little of your dignity. She's a plant lady, for crying out loud.


I'm impressed at how much planning ArenaNet's put into this series of regular events. I don't think I've seen an MMORPG story this expansive and cohesive since my days in Anarchy Online, and that was mostly player-driven. Bravo. Guild Wars 2.

I'd come help, but I forgot my password and lost the package with my serial number on it, so I can't login without expending way more effort than I am prepared to expend.