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It's an Xbox 360 Controller With a Cheat-Friendly Screen Built Right In

Datel, the UK-based video game peripheral manufacturer that loves to piss off Microsoft, takes controller cheating to the next level with the latest iteration of its TurboFire 360 controller, complete with built-in "Combat Command LCD interface".


Microsoft and Datel don't get along very well, mainly due to the fact that the UK is in the habit of crafting unauthorized third-party controllers that sync directly to the Xbox 360, something licensed third-party accessory makers rarely get to do. Between the low cost of not having to deal with Microsoft and the programmable features offered up in previous versions of the TurboFire (Wildfire in the UK) controller, Datel is making a pretty penny on these babies.


And they'll likely make much more, now that the TurboFire EVO is available.

Rather than worrying about tossing additional buttons on the controller face or relying on a PC interface to activate special features like auto-fire, sniper mode, and pre-programmed combo moves, the EVO here has a convenient screen built right into the unit. Players can map their own button layouts, rapidly select control modifiers on the fly, or even connect to a PC via USB cable to download the latest custom game profiles.

While I see no reason to own one of these myself, it does bring back fond memories of the days of the Dreamcast, when we were certain tiny video screens in our controllers were the way of the future.

The TurboFire EVO is available now at the CodeJunkies store for $54.99.

You can contact Michael Fahey, the author of this post, at You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, and lurking around our #tips page.

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People, this is not cheating. Cheating is defined as "breaking the rules to gain an advantage". Enhanced functionality is not breaking the rules. This controller does not allow you to run faster in the game. It does not automatically target and shoot your opponents for you. It doesn't let you fire at a rate faster than the game allows. No "rules" are being broken here. The game is not being hacked. This controller doesn't allow you to do anything that you are not capable of doing within the game itself.

To call that cheating is like complaining that a fellow racer can go around the track faster than you because he invested in a car with better handling. Well, what's stopping you from having the same car he has? Oh right, nothing. He's not cutting corners or driving through the grass. Nothing he's doing qualifies as cheating. He just has a better tool than you to accomplish the same task. When he starts doing something that you're not allowed to do, THEN you can bitch about him cheating. Until then, man the fuck up.