It's Amazon Gold Box Game Deals Day Again loves gamers. More specifically, loves the amount of money we spend on games, and are rewarding us once again with chances to spend less money with a day of Gold Box deals.

Today's Gold Box deals come on top of this week's<a href="


"> Black Friday game specials. So far we're looking at an Xbox 360 deal day, with DJ Hero taking the Deal of the Day position at $149, or 25% the normal $200 price tag.

Then we've got the Gold Box deals, revealed at regular intervals throughout the day. We've already missed $10 off WWE Smackdown VS. Raw 2010, but there's still time for 33% off Saw, plus five more games yet to be revealed. The next one, which goes live at 10am Pacific, is quite obviously Batman: Arkham Asylum. Then there's something about being the ultimate big game hunter, a limited-edition bundle of something, a young hero on a quest for justice, and most likely Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Keep an eye on all day for the big deal reveals.

Gold Box Deals

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