If This Represents The Future Of Augmented Reality Video Games, I'm In

This video could be total bullshit, but I want to be believe.

Magic Leap is just one of many companies playing around with augmented reality, a new form of interacting with the world around us that's getting nearly as much attention as virtual reality.


How much? Google invested nearly $500 million into Magic Leap last year.

Apparently a $500 million infusion from one of technology's biggest companies gets you an incredible demo made in collaboration with Peter Jackson's WETA Workshop.

Magic Leap proposes a world where the applications that drive our daily live are accessible all the time, rather than hiding in our phone, tablet, or computer.

When it comes to games, it suggests a blending of the physical and virtual. In this case, a set of conveniently placed weapons on a nearby desk suddenly become your tools in a new AR game.

That's pretty useful when a bunch of deadly robots suddenly decide to start invading!


Right now, augmented reality is in a similar situation to virtual reality. It sounds promising and makes for neat videos, but it's a long way from being part of our daily lives.


Still, it's a cool video!

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It's amazing the number of game journalists who are taking this seriously. That video is not happening for another 20 years.