Director Wants To Turn Hotline: Miami Into A Short Film

Illustration for article titled Director Wants To Turn emHotline: Miami/em Into A Short Film

Well, it was going to happen eventually. It's Hotline: Miami. Short, sweet, violent and exciting; the perfect recipe for a great internet flick, which is exactly what this man is trying to make—and crowdfund.

The man behind the project is Saman Kesh, creator of several popular online short films, including the wonderful "Controller," which we've featured on Kotaku before. For his Hotline: Miami short, Kesh wants to create a film that "intersects the mood of Pulp Fiction with the mystery of Memento," with "always neon, always stylish" visuals reminiscent of '80s movies.


The project is currently standing at ~$1,700 raised, with 25 days left and an end goal of $50,000. Have a look if a violent and mystery-filled trip to 80's Miami sounds like something you'd enjoy.

Hotline Miami: A Short Film [IndieGoGo, with thanks to tipster Tabius Doss!]

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Sam fisher's an aimbot

Its already a short(ish) film, it's called Drive