It's Almost Like World of Tanks Is A Tony Hawk Game

There is no debate that Wargaming's online tank simulator World of Tanks is as realistic as it can be. It's relatively slow and tactical. But sometimes it gets a little too realistic and out of control, mostly when you land on other tanks. Tony Hawk and skaters would be proud of that huge 180.

American, German or Russian doesn't matter. All the heavies can do something cool when it comes to skateboarding tricks and grinds:

360 Kickflip (or is it a roundhouse kick?).


270 Shot Flip.

Backside 50-50 Grind.


Big Ollie Melon Grab (washed up on the landing, unfortunately).


Huge Disaster Smith Grind.


Overall, the combo score for these tricks should be at least 3 million points.

Frag Movie [YouTube, TheJoves]

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