It's a Massively Multiplayer Musical Adventure with Kitty Girls

Tiara Concerto Online is an anime-flavored massively multiplayer online game that features a strong musical component, a world made up of flying islands accessed by airships, and kitty girls with guns. You ever get the feeling people are developing games just for you?


Coming to North America soon from Gamania Digital Entertainment, Tiara Concerto Online is an MMO with a musical theme and a lighthearted look that belies its more serious theme. Some 800 years ago the humans of Earth fully depleted all of their planet's natural resources, and the world faced extinction. As the world was about to die the Seven Wise Men (important enough for capital letters) opened up a portal to another dimension, saving a handful of humans from their fate.

Now humanity lives in the skies of their new world, populating floating islands. Over the years they've learned a skill called Tuning, allowing them to use music to attune with energy from the past, reclaiming the energy of their homeland.


Here's where the more rational gamer will have a problem. If humanity used up all of its resources and was in the verge of destruction, does stealing resources from the planet's past not just speed up that process?

But who needs common sense when you've got Elves and adorable Beast people at your side, helping you fight the rhythmic monsters in the skies? Watch the trailer again. How cute is that?

Prospective fans can visit the Tiara Concerto Online website to keep up with the North American development of the game. There's a pretty good chance I'll ultimately wind up disappointed; just let me have this moment of hopeful elation.

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MMOs have so much potential yet the genre has literally been going nowhere for years. When is someone going to make a good MMO that isn't just a carbon copy of another one?