It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's The Guy With The Red Underwear!

One would think that after more than 70 years of fighting crime on Earth, someone would have worked up the courage to tell Kal-El he was wearing his underwear wrong. Behold Superman, in all his DC Universe Online glory.

I guess when a guy is strong enough to bench press the planet you allow him his little eccentricities. At least he's keeping them clean. I'm just wondering if he keeps an extra pair of underwear under the costume, or is he just rocking it semi-commando? The world may never know, out of some really raunchy fan art.


DC Universe Online launches next week, and Sony Online Entertainment saved the big man for last. Memorize his face; you'll be seeing a lot of him should you venture into the massively multiplayer comic book realm come January 11.

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