It's 2021, And Super Mario 64 Now Has Ray Tracing

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Screenshot: Dario

You might think that marrying mid-90s textures to 21st-century lighting tricks would look hideous, but this video of the Super Mario 64 PC port is looking very nice.


Announced late last year, this video by Dario gives us a really good look at the modding community’s still-in-progress effort—among others—to add some modern touches to the 1996 classic. In this case, ray tracing (like, actual ray tracing, not a shader like we’ve seen on this port previously).

So yeah, if you’ve ever wondered what an RTX 3090 could do for Super Mario 64, now you know!

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Aren’t the modding community also responsible for making Super Mario 64 two player simultaneous split-screen with both Mario and Luigi playable?

Hey Nintendo instead of a cease and desist order? Hire these guys and work out a deal with them to bring these upgrades tonthe official Super Mario 64.