Not just any game at that, but the Kantai Collection arcade game. Awesome!

Kantai Collection, or KanColle, features anime girls that represent warships. It started out as a free to play game and turned into a phenomena, spawning manga, an anime series, a PS Vita game, and an upcoming animated movie.

As Kotaku previously reported (here and here), the game is immensely popular in Japan. Today, the arcade version hit Japanese game centers, and drew lines of fans, with some waiting up to several hours to play.

People wanted to check out the arcade version, which spits out cards for players to use.

Expect people to spend lots of time and money to collect the most desirable and rare cards. Earlier this year, one rare card, snagged during a location test, went for 84,000 yen (US$757) in an online auction in Japan.

Keep in mind, this is a weekday! That’s incredible. It’s great to see an arcade game going strong.


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