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The indie game store has put together a massive bundle containing 742 indie games worth over $3,400 and is selling the whole thing for $5 to help raise money to support the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.


The collection was launched three days ago to support the Black Lives Matter movement and has already raised an amazing $637,000. The goal is to raise $1 million over the next nine days, which at this point seems very doable. All the funds are being split 50/50 between two organizations: NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

The games in the collection range from full indie games to smaller projects and personal creations. The large collection comes from over 560 different creators and teams. It might be one of, if not the, largest video game charity bundle ever put together. And it will get bigger, with 185 more games being added tomorrow.


Some of the games in the bundle include indie hits like Oxenfree, Night In The Woods, Tonight We Riot, Super Hexagon, Overland, and Wide Ocean Big Jacket just to name a few.

The bundle will be available for another 9 days and folks can pay the $5 minimum to get all the games or more if they can and want to donate more.

Looking for ways to advocate for black lives? Check out this list of resources by our sister site Lifehacker for ways to get involved.


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