It Turns Out, This Is A Really Awesome Year to Love Gorgeous Adventure Games

I would never have expected 2012 to turn out to be such a phenomenal year to be an adventure game fan. And yet, here we are.


This new one is Primordia, brought to us by Wadjet Eye Games. Those are the same folks who brought us 2011's Gemini Rue and this summer's fantastic Resonance.


Primordia posits a post-apocalytpic future where robots have long since become the dominant form of life on Earth. And even robots have to deal with power, greed, and corruption.

It's also pretty. So very, very pretty. The palette of earth-tones and rust-tones create a gorgeous setting that I can't wait to dive into and inevitably get stuck on a puzzle in.

Primordia [Official Site, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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Theres been so many awesome adventure games out on the pc these last few years. I really need a good pc before I start forgetting names. I really dont want to miss out on any of them