It Took Players Five Months To Find Out A 2D Game Can Be Played In 3D

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Prison Architect is a top-down prison management game that’s got some visual flair, but it’s definitely 2D. Tiny two-dimensional prisoners wander two-dimensional corridors, dreaming of two-dimensional freedom. Turns out, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Recently, a handful of Prison Architect players posted videos about a secret button in the game’s extras menu. There’s a dull “TT” symbol in the lower left-hand corner, and upon noticing it, a few players tried clicking it. They were in for a surprise. After a brief pause, they found their entire game transformed. Three glorious dimensions, just as Prison God intended. Here’s the secret mode in action, as demonstrated by TheLogical Lowdown (via Rock Paper Shotgun):

The mode appears a bit wonky and unfinished, but it’s surprisingly robust for something the game’s developers never uttered a word about. I mean, it’s a total goddamn conversion, not to mention a cool new way to admire your unholy, self-sustaining panopticon of human suffering.


The crazy(er) part? This mode, complete with difficult-but-not-impossible-to-see button, has been in the game since it broke out of Early Access five months ago. After players began pointing to posts about 3D assets in the game’s files from months ago, Introversion’s Gary Chambers confirmed it. “Someone finally found 3D mode!” he tweeted. “Only took like 5 months.”

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Someone needs to tell the guy that when he says “Pretty fuckin’ cool, if I do say so myself” he is actually crediting himself, that is what that saying means. Like, if I were to make a delicious roast then upon eating it say “That was pretty fuckin’ good, if I do say so myself” that would fit.

The saying is used to portray a sense of pride in something one has just done. It is not to give praise to others lol. Sure he “discovered it” but it still doesn’t fit.