It Took Nearly A Year To Get To An Eggman Boss Fight In Sonic Dash

Man, mobile gaming sure has slowed Sonic the Hedgehog down. The blue blur's endless runner was released in March of last year, and we're only just now getting to the bit where he jumps on Eggman?

I blame the marketing for Sonic: Lost World, doubtlessly the cause for Sonic Dash's first boss fight being with the Wii U game's Zazz instead of the rotund professor of robotics we love to make explode.


Either way, it's nice to see him. I miss him when he's gone.

Sonic Dash is currently available for free on iTunes and Google Play. I've recently started playing again in hopes of getting Blaze the Cat as a playable character, because she's mah favorite.


Note: The headline originally read Sonic Rush, which is a much better name and they should change it.

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