It Took More Than 12,000 Paintings To Make Blade Runner This Beautiful

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Swedish artist Anders Ramsell created 12,597 watercolor paintings to craft a 35 minute long "paraphrasing" of Ridley Scott's 1982 cult-classic science fiction film Blade Runner. It's like watching the movie in a dream.


First featured on Kotaku last year in the form of a 12 minute teaser, Ramsell's Blade Runner - The Aquarelle Edition captures the spirit of Scott's work in a hypnagogic living portrait. He's painted and animated a hazy memory of the movie.


I own the deluxe HD-DVD (that's right) edition of Blade Runner, which contains five different versions of the film. Perhaps the next time a special edition is compiled a sixth can be added.

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It's nice, but the execution is lacking. The animation is very choppy and the watercolors are extremely blurry, making the eyes hurt after watching it for 30 seconds. Breakbot's Baby I'm Yours video is done much better.