It Took 27 Minutes To Beat Destiny's Crota's End On Hard Mode

The newest update to Destiny— that introduces a hard mode to the Crota's End raid—has only been out for about two hours at the time of this writing, but a team of players has already beaten it.

It doesn't look like Invigorate—the team that was the first to complete the Vault of Glass raid on hard mode as well as the first team to beat Crota's End after the release of the The Dark Below expansion—will be taking this crown, though. That win goes to the One and Done clan.


Bungie confirmed the team's world's first completion with a post of their stats from the raid:

Completing the raid on hard mode will also get you a nifty shader, which you can see decked out on another team, WRECKnation, who managed to pull in at a top 5 placement:


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