It Took 11,000 Tries To Beat This Brilliantly Evil Mario Maker Level

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I didn’t even know you could use Super Mario World bombs in all these different ways. Wow!


The creator of the “hardest Super Mario World level ever,” PangaeaPanga, is taking his hellish designs to Mario Maker—and the results are intimidating. Take this course, titled Bomb Voyage, for example. It took around 11 thousand attempts before a single person beat it ONCE. That person is noted Spelunky speedrunner Bananasaurus Rex, and you can see their cleared attempt below:

“Definitely the most insane level I’ve beaten so far,” Bananasaurus wrote on YouTube. The speedrunner notes that it took about 4 hours total, with one hour dedicated to practicing, and about 2 hours and 42 minutes spent recording attempts to beat the level. Amazing.


You can follow the course creator here on Twitch, or, if you’d like to test your skills, you can play Bomb Voyage with the following course ID: 2A8F-0000-0049-9485. Good luck!

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