It Sure Is Tough To Be A Titanfall Fan Right Now

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On Thursday morning, Titanfall was trending on Twitter in the U.S.—not because anything remotely Titanfall related actually happened, but because Fortnite’s new season added mechs.

It’s a hard comparison to resist, now that Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is running its own battle royale game in Apex Legends—a game that feels an awful lot like Titanfall 2, just without the series’ signature mechs. To see them adapted in the cartoon wonderland of Fortnite—albeit in a stranger version requiring two players to pilot—must feel like salt in a never-closing wound. Poor Titanfall. Forever beloved by fans and forever spurned by the free market.

If you were to look at the #Titanfall hashtag on Twitter, you’d just see a steady stream of broken hearts:


Over on the Titanfall subreddit, fans are responding with memes hopeful that Fortnite’s move will inspire Respawn to take action.


Or mad that Fortnite has once again come for another game’s lunch.


This is what it feels like to be a fan of The Roots in a Jimmy Fallon world—the best damn band is playing every night, but you’ve got to sit through a bunch of YouTube gags first.

It’s rough to watch the world move on without you. Titanfall...we miss you.

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My hope given the success of Apex, is that Respawn does Titanfall again soon, and calls it something like Apex Legends: Titanfall, or AL Presents: Titanfall 3. That way they can use AL’s brand to get Titanfall some added exposure and hopefully finally get the sales the series deserves.