“I’m not sure I’ve got the adjectives to describe what is going on here,” Sudoku expert Simon Anthony says in an absolutely must-watch video of him solving a Sudoku puzzle. “This is like the universe is singing to us here.”

Minutes earlier, he had declared: “This is probably now going to be impossible.”

The video from the Cracking The Cryptic channel hit YouTube on May 10 and has been making the rounds on social media since. There’s even a follow-up video featuring a puzzle made in response to this one.


The puzzle featured in the amazing May 10 video was created by Mitchell Lee, and you can try it here (though at least watch the start of the video first to learn the puzzle’s special rules).

There’s little more to write here that’s worth taking away time you could have spent watching this video, in which you’ll see frustration gradually give way to elation. If only all of life’s impossible problems rewarded such tenacity with success. It’d be a beautiful thing.