Bulky. Heavy. Ugly. That was the original Nintendo DS. And just when you think that handheld was dead, it starts trending on Twitter in Japan.

As Japanese website Dechisoku points out, this week, a tweet asking if people still had their original DS portables led to many Japanese Twitter users uploading photos of their Nintendo handhelds.


Many of the photos showed worn handhelds—some with broken hinges—that still worked. How many 11-year-old electronics can say that? Nintendo hardware has long had a reputation for durability (that Gulf War Game Boy is proof of that).

While “初代DS” (shodai DS or “first-gen DS”) might have trended this week (see above), for the past few months, Japanese Twitter users have been uploading photos of old DS handhelds, often found while cleaning, to reminisce. Others still use their original DS handhelds to this day.

Still can’t believe it’s been over a decade. Where did that time go?

The name in the upper corner reads “Onara,” which means “fart” in Japanese. Of course, it’s a joke!

Anyone remember DS TV?

Top photo: Windows_XP__SP3

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