“It’s a Lie!”: Republican Presidential Front-Runner Herman Cain denies SimCity Inspired to His Tax Plan

According to the latest polls, businessman Herman Cain's currently the Republican most likely to get the GOP presidential nomination. (And, yes, it's early.) One of the reasons that Cain's appeared attractive to the electorate has been his easy-to-understand 9-9-9 proposal to overhaul taxes. Game-savvy political commentators noted that a similar scheme shows up in the classic SimCity games.


As far as we knew, no one had actually put the connection question to Cain. But, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow finds a clip of Cain angrily denying that he could've gotten his signature idea from a video game. In the process, Maddow pulls out her gamer CV and regales viewers with her old-school gaming obsessions. You'll need to wait for Cain to show up and answer the assertion (around 3:50) but it's worth it.

[Thanks, tipster naniwear]

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the main reason cain is the front runner is because he is black and republicans are sick of obama playing the race card every fucking chance he gets. people dont dislike obama cuz hes black they dislike him because he is young andf reckless, narcisstic and overreaches, i will say bush overreached as president also, but this is a trend we need to vote out.