It May Be Safe To Play Demigod Now

Demigod had a regrettable launch. Too many pirates, server infrastructure couldn't cope. But after a week we're sure Stardock would rather forget, things are looking up!


A status report on Stardock's site lets us know that while for an unfortunate few the online-only game is effectively broken, for "most people" things are "working pretty decently". Which isn't a clean bill of health, we know, but it's also good enough for people to at least dip their toes into the game's cold, icy depths.

While it's easy (especially if you actually bought the game) to get angry at Stardock for such a sloppy launch, try and remember that a big reason it was so sloppy in the first place is because the company shipped the game without DRM. Which really is something that should be applauded.

Demigod: Day 6 Status Report! [Stardock]

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