But does she know? Dunno! But goodness, I hope she does.

Kennedy is the U.S. Ambassador to Japan and, as pointed out on 2ch, earlier this summer at a diplomatic event in Tokyo for American Independence Day, she wore this (photo via akasaka-teran):

[Image: akasaka-teran]

Just seems like some Uncle Sam type costume, right? Well, let this clue you in:

[Image: Hayato | Uta no Prince-sama Wikia]


It looks like an outfit worn by Hayato from beautiful dude series Uta no Prince-sama, a franchise that encompasses both anime and games.

Uta no Prince-sama has a following of diehard female fans in Japan.


Spot the cosplayer! (Hint: Not the dude in the double-breasted suit.)

The jacket with stars outfit appeared in Uta no Prince-sama five years or so back. Make no mistake, Hayato wore it first, because Kennedy didn’t don the duds until this summer.

Even though Ambassador Kennedy might not know what Uta no Prince-sama is (though, damn, I hope she does!) or that she was dressed as Hayato, the person who put together that outfit must have.

Or maybe the Ambassador knows exactly what she’s doing.

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