It Looks Like An Xbox 360, But It's Actually A Small Heater

In Akiba's Trip, the PSP game in which an otaku dude strips "vampires", a black machine appears in-game. It looks like an Xbox 360. In fact, that's what I thought it was. That assumption, however, is totally wrong.

Players can use a wide variety of otaku-flavored items as weapons in Akiba's Trip. For example, plastic figurines can be used to strike down enemies.


In the early days of development, one of the possible weapons in Akiba's Trip was a PlayStation 3. But the developers were asked, presumably by Sony, whether that would be somewhat awkward. Akiba's Trip is a PSP title, so it might be somewhat unpleasant for Sony to see characters getting clobbered with PS3s!

So the developers eventually changed the PS3 to a black machine that looks very much like an Xbox 360 Elite. Once again, the game's developers were asked about this decision.

The folks behind Akiba's Trip recently added a name to this in-game item. See it's not an Xbox 360 at all, but rather, it's a "small heater", as indicated by the on screen text.


Yeah, that seems about right.

AKIBA'S TRIP(アキバズトリップ)NEWS: 開発のおもいで [Akiba's Trip]

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