The recently revealed Gon from Hunter x Hunter figure is totally bonkers. You'll never forget it! The meme it's spawning in Japan will help make sure of that.

Twitter user Orias59 noticed that the figure looks like the Spiral Rapier from Demon's Souls.

Here is that rare sword.

And here is it is with added Gon. [Pics: Orias59]

Other Twitter users have been making Photoshops with the figure as part of a "Crappy Gon Collage Festival" (ゴンさんクソコラ祭り or Gon san Kuso Kora Matsuri). Here is what they have been coming up with:

[Pic: _wakuta]

[Pic: maru6_1014]

[Pic: violetsnake206]

[Pic: 1ma15]

[Pic: _wakuta]

[Pic: qipao_jp]

[Pic: prin_8_]

[Pic: tanakya123]

[Pic: shuexvs1]

[Pic: _chamele_]

[Pic: greatmaju_gazet]

[Pic: Rinbori_25]

[Pic: HiyoriTakanashi]

[Pic: i_kaseki]

Feel free to add your own Gon 'shops in the comments below.

HUNTER×HUNTERのゴンさんTwitter民のおもちゃにされるwwwwwwwwww [キニ速]

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